Crime Scene Investigation Murder Mystery- Instant Download

Crime Scene Investigation Murder Mystery- Instant Download


An exciting teen CSI-themed mystery party for 8-15+ guests, ages 14 and up! Any combination of genders: co-ed, all female or all males! Perfect for any occasion! Can also be used for educational purposes in the classroom! This is the instantly downloadable version of the game - no shipping, no wait, no hassles.
In addition to the exciting CSI mystery party game, this downloadable kit includes the following:
  • Ice-breaking Crime Scene Trivia challenge
  • 'What CSI Thing Could I be?' game
  • The Forensic Sleuther Challenge
  • Fantastic Forensic Charades
  • Crime Drama Movie Challenge
  • Movie Quote Challenge

Mystery Synopsis:
It was the Annual International Crime Scene Investigation Association Convention and the who's who of the CSI world had arrived the day before at the Grande Hotel & Resort. During the first two days of the three-day convention, the creme de la creme of forensic investigators presented their exciting and innovative forensic science research to their colleagues. On the second night of the convention was the traditional social gathering where a delectable buffet-style dinner was served to the attendees. The crime scene investigators from around the globe finally relaxed and enjoyed yummy appetizers while quizzing each other with some fun ice-breaking crime scene trivia. They discussed their big cases and traded interesting stories from the crime scenes that they had investigated over the past year. Some of the CSIs didn't get along too well, but the convention ran its course with various entertaining activities that were planned such as the Forensic Sleuthing Battle, the Crime Drama Movie Challenge and the What Crime Scene thing am I challenge. Everything was going smooth as butter until the most unsuspecting thing happened in the most unlikely place in the world - a murder happened right under the noses of the world's top crime scene investigators! The investigators all knew what to do next - figure out whodunit as fast as possible since the murderer who stood among them possessed one of the most brilliant forensic minds in the world! The participants realized that there was a difficult challenge ahead of them and so they put aside any differences and rallied together to figure out whodunit and to everyone's shock - the murderer confessed! After an exciting getaway attempt, the investigators capped off the evening with a hilarious game of Fantastic Forensic Charades! Overall, it was a very memorable convention!